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How to Maximize Product Placements

July 20th, 2018 Posted by product placement No Comment yet

Jonathan and Drew Scott: Twin brothers who rule the roost over at HGTV. The duo has numerous shows that air on the channel including Property Brothers, Buying and Selling and several specials throughout the year.

In the past week, we’ve confirmed that two of our clients will be featured on upcoming episodes. While they won’t be mentioned by name, Wolf Gourmet and Robern will be shown on television, and we can still get a lot out of these product placements.

Product placements work similar to traditional media relations in that it starts with a pitch to the production team. Once selected, the product is shipped and then it’s up to the set designers or other staff to find a home for it. Sometimes there’s a fee associated with product placement, but we focus on the true “earned” product placements at The Licursi Group. And, that’s how these two opportunities with Property Brothers netted out.

To maximize the value of a product placement, here are some tips:

  • Promote the opportunity from the beginning.
  • Post updates on social media. Sometimes, the production team can send over sneak peaks. Those photographs make for great fodder on social media!
  • Let your sales staff know. They can loop in their key customers about the high profile opportunity.
  • Merchandise the clip. We’ve previously written about how to maximize impressions with media mentions. And, this is no different. Put a link to the show on your website; remind social media followers about the episode airing date(s); include the relevant information in future pitches.