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{Proactive Informed Engagement™}

PIE. It's the key ingredient in MLMC's success formula and the key driver behind the measurable results that always follow. But a perfect PIE doesn't make itself.

We are strategists.

Throwing marketing spaghetti against the wall and hoping something sticks is one way to pursue marketing; it's just not the MLMC way. Every project, no matter how small, starts with a plan, and that plan is rooted in your business objectives, not vague nods to "better communication."

We are storytellers.

One of mankind's oldest skills is also, in today's markets, one of the most crucial. Ask yourself: If your features and benefits aren't all that different from your competitors - or, more to the point, if your customer doesn't see much difference - then how do you stand out? We believe one of the most effective ways is to stop bullet pointing features and benefits and, instead, tell compelling stories that speak to your key audiences on an emotional level.

We deliver measurable, repeatable results.

There are only three marketing questions:

  • Is it working?
  • How do we know?
  • Can we do it again?