MLMC is a communications firm with deep roots in trade and general media relations and specialties in social media, event marketing and corporate communications. Founder Megan Licursi and her team have crafted and executed results-driven campaigns for a wide range of clients, from business-to-business stalwarts like AK Steel, CONTECH Construction Products and National City to consumer powers such as Dryel, Downy, Fazoli's and Hamilton Beach. Licursi also has deep knowledge of the non-profit world, having led the media relations efforts for the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati for the last five years.

Hundreds of strategically relevant, creatively executed programs, built on one core mission: create and sustain Proactive Informed Engagement™ around our clients' products, services and messages.

And what is PIE {Proactive Informed Engagement™}
It's what happens when the key audiences you need to reach not only know who you are and what you do - they value the information and even want to share it with others. It's the media seeing you as a trusted resource, not just another press release. It's more inbound phone calls and fewer cold calls. It's the effect of your sales funnel growing, expanding and morphing into a megaphone as allies and advocates learn your story, whether they're your customers, your prospects, your business partners or crucial third parties like the media.

That's MLMC. Communication to the power of PIE.